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Project Client Scope
ESP Contract Mobil Provision of Engineering support services.
SPM Maint. Mobil Maint. of SPM
Prod. Maint. Addax Production Maint. of offhore fields.
Oso RGCable Mobil Cable re-routing
Edop Pipeline Mobil Repair/Replacement 24” pipeline
Akam Flare Bridge Mobil Fabricate, Install and hook-up Flare-Bridge
Flow Station Revamp Chevron
Remove all topside, equipment, pipework and accommodation, Design, Fabricate new with instruments and Electrics.
Platform risers Survey
Mobil Inspect all platform risers and prepare inspection reports.
Subsea Platform Repair Progm. Mobil
Fabricate bracings, doubler plates, slip sleeves and steel works.
Unam A Re Vamp Mobil
Install, commission new manifold and hook-up new flowlines to wellhead.
Diving Support Service, Qua-iboe Mobil
Prov. of diving vessels, personnel for diving support in offshore fields.
Out Field Development PHI Belbop
Engineering, procurement, fabrication, and offshore installation of three cassion prod. decks, with w/h piping and 6” flowlines.
Out Field Development PHII Belbop
Design, procurement, fab. and installation of 3 well-head platforms for single conductor wells and well-head hook-ups with associated flowlines.Fab & Install 3 pile manifold platform and helideck.