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Our Vision is to become one of the most sought after companies as a premier provider of services to the energy sector. The goal is to achieve the client’s total satisfaction by delivering quality work and value for the money spent.


1. To ensure that activities are carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with contractual, regularity and statutary requirements that are cost-effective and customer-oriented.

2. To maintain a leading profile role as an indigenous company.


Assurance of quality, professionalism and reliability are our core values and the foundations of the company.

Mission Statements
"While we build the company for high quality services, we equally pay utmost attention to conserve the environment and our immediate surroundings.We believe in host community development for harmonious living"
Mr.Nelson Jaja
Mr. Nelson Jaja
TCO Marine Ltd is a wholly owned Nigerian Company with high ethical and moral values. Our mission is to strive and build an indigenous company technologically advanced and globally competitive in delivering quality services locally while making returns to investors. At TCO we are building the future for generations to come. "We do not see any opportunity as small to serve.We value our customers and endeavor to meet their expectations from our services.Safety is our way of working."
Mr.Mike Adeyanju
Mr. Mike Adeyanju
Managing Director