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Safety Policy

In pursuance of our corporate mission for delivery of quality services with total prevention of loss of lives and property, the company has embraced an integrated CASHES management.

It is the policy of TCO Marine Ltd. to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy work environment for its employees and others who are engaged to work for TCO Marine Limited.

It is also our commitment to ensure that our operations are conducted in a most environment friendly manner.

Accidents and community disturbances are preventable when our policies are applied.

Quality Assurance Policy and Program

We are committed to quality principles, which will improve customer satisfaction and promote continuous improvement through the involvement of all employees:

1. The quality of our products and services is fundamental to the success of our business.We fully understand our client’s requirements and are committed to meeting their expectations, both internal and external.

2.Creative solutions, competitive process, on-time completion, and fulfillment of client requirements, distinguishes our work.

3. It is our policy to continually improve all company activities to ensure that we provide services which consistently meet or exceed the specific requirements of our clients.