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Engineering & Project Management :

TCO has complete in-house design and engineering capabilities through various alliances and joint ventures to plan and develop a project from the conceptual to the detailed engineering stage ready for execution.Our project management teams comprise professionals, skilled personnel both locally and internationally sourced to deliver top quality work through thorough supervision and well laid-out safety and quality assurance policies and procedures.

Construction :

We specialize in construction, installation and commissioning of pipelines on land, swamp and offshore locations.TCO has successfully laid pipelines of various sizes in shallow to medium water depths offshore.Our teams of pipeline strength in integrity engineers ensure sound design, efficient and timely completion of jobs.

Fabrications of Tanks and Platform Structures :

TCO Marine Ltd. specializes in the construction/fabrication of reservoir tanks, jackets, decks and miscellaneous spool pieces, etc. for offshore hook-up works through our state of the art facility at our Trans-Amadi base.

Diving Division :

We have a well established stand alone Diving Division mainly supported by indigenous divers.The company has acquired diving support vessels and modern diving equipment to meet shallow to the deep water cha
llenges with the technology and experience inherited from Seaweld acquisition.

Nkpogu Road Yard :

Trans-Amadi base with area over 10,000 square meters houses company’s corporate office.The engineering and project management office block can accomodate ore than 500 staff.Offices are well equipped with modern equipment and computer workstations with-high tech communication facilities.

The yard has a modern fabrication shop(apprxly 500 sq. meters in area), complete with machine/tool shop facilities, including machines such as shearing, rolling, bending and punching etc.The shop is complete with all necessary equipment and tools besides motorized lifting facilities.

The yard has large open spaces for stacking project materials and storing of finished structures.The base is uniquely located in the centre of Trans-Amadi industrial layout area with multiple access roads and proximity to a waterfront.All other necessary facilities such as maintenance, blasting, painting shop and medic are available at the base to complete the project execution requirement.

Rumuolumeni Integrated Marine Base :

The water-front facility with a land area of over 15 acres and a 2/0 meters quay with / meters water depth at low tide and a large area for fabrication activities forms an ideal construction base.It can handle fabrication of structures in excess of 5000 tons with equipment to load out.The facility also includes basic port facilities, power, water, fuel dump and accomodation and security for the logistic support of large projects.

Marine Crafts :

Derrick cum Pipe Lay Barge-SPSL 300
92x27.52x6.10meters.8-point mooring (1000 feet anchor cables) IRS-Class barge having air-conditioned accomodation for over 200 crew with Manitowoc 4100 Ringer and 75 tons crawler crane on the deck.The barge is fitted with pipe conveyor, line up and 3 welding stations having a 25 ton ‘Remacut’ pipe tensioning unit and multi-stage stinger to suit laying of pipes in varying water depths.

Anchor Handling Tug-M.V. Coral Fish :

3200 Bhp, Year 2003 rebuilt vessel of IRS-Class having accommodation for 17 crew with 45MT bollard pull fitted with stern roller winch of 60tons capacity and 6.7 meters/minute pull.Vessel is ‘Solas’ and IMCO compliant.

Diving Support Vessels :’DSV Maintainer’ and ‘Royal Service’ :

Both vessels are in DP2 system configuraton with Stern A-Frame, Sat and atmospheric diving systems, dive-support launch carried on deck and under-deck storage for diving and survey equipment.

Hook-up Commissioning Barge-SPSL 215 :

65x20x4.5 meters, year 2000 rebuilt IRS-Class Barge with 8-point mooring system.The barge has ‘Solas 74’ compliant accommodation for 106 people with model 9310, ’American Hoist’ crawler crane on board.The barge is equipped with modern mechanical workshop and IMCO A-414 compliant Helideck with all modern communication gadgets.